Katsiaryna "Kate" Varfalameyeva

Research Specialist
Knowledge Exchange for Resilience

Tempe Campus


Kate manages KER’s work on building heat resilience for mobile home residents. Her work focuses on researching how building environment can increase vulnerability to heat for different populations across the valley along with creating solutions to mitigate the heat. Through her studies and work at Knowledge Exchange for Resilience, Kate has co-published “Heat Solution Guide” with 50 solutions to mitigate the heat and conducted research examining heat resilience through the lenses of housing, building environment, utility assistance, and policy making. She is a member of the YouthMappers community since 2018. Kate has BA in Architecture and a MA in Urban and Environmental Planning. Before ASU she was an Architect managing architectural projects in Eastern Europe and Israel.


M.A., Urban & Environmental Planning, ASU

Graduate Certificate in GIS, ASU

B.A., Architecture, Brest State Technical University, Belarus


Charley, E., Varfalameyeva, K., Alsanad, A., Solís, P. (2023). Mapping for Resilience: Extreme Heat Deaths and Mobile Homes in Arizona. In: Solís, P., Zeballos, M. (eds) Open Mapping towards Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable Development Goals Series. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-05182-1_21

Lora A. Phillips, Patricia Solís, Chuyuan Wang, Katsiaryna Varfalameyeva & Janice Burnett (2021) Engaged Convergence Research: An Exploratory Approach to Heat Resilience in Mobile Homes, The Professional Geographer, 73:4, 619-631, DOI: 10.1080/00330124.2021.1924805

Solís, P., Varfalameyeva, K. & Hernandez, C.A. Heat resilience among mobile home owners in Arizona: towards a multi-scale approach to address spatial incongruence and accountable decision making. GeoJournal (2023). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10708-023-10896-5 Varfalameyeva, K. How to define Recreational Vehicles where they serve a different purpose? YouthMappers (2019). https://www.youthmappers.org/post/2019/10/22/how-to-define-recreational-vehicles-where-they-serve-a-different-purpose

Expertise Areas


Urban Planning & Urban Design

Urbanization Effects on Weather and Climate


Data Analysis & Mapping Heat Resilience


Policy Making