Resilience Dividends 

What are resilience dividends?

Resilience dividends are additional benefits derived from solving a community resilience problem.

Create a solution

Work together to implement solutions for withstanding shock or stress more effectively.

Improve systems & capabilities

The resilience solution invariable involves expanding community capacity to adapt and respond.

Reap additional benefits

Resilience dividends come in the form of added efficiencies, social cohesion, economic prosperity, and environmental security.


"Resilience Dividends: Building resilience creates two aspects of benefits: it enables individuals, communities, and organizations to better withstand a disruption more effectively, and it enables them to improve their current systems and situations. But it also enables them to build new relationships, take on new endeavors and initiatives and reach out for new opportunities, ones that may never have been imagined before. This is the resilience dividend."

-Dr. Judith Rodin
Author, The Resilience Dividend: Being Strong in a World Where Things Go Wrong

Scottsdale's Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt exemplifies the resilience dividend

This world-renowned flood-control system uses greenspaces instead of unsightly concrete channels to solve for water overflow while reaping additional environmental benefits: miles of recreational amenities for parks, lakes, picnic grounds, and bike trails.

Elizabeth Wentz
Director, Knowledge Exchange for Resilience

"It is really time to highlight this greenbelt and the ways in which a community can come together for decision making that has a positive impact in so many different ways."

 Capitalizing on resilience 

Michael Crow
ASU President

"My hope is that KER will bring together all the forces to help us to be prepared for all of the resilience events we're going to be facing in the decades ahead because they're going to be many, they're going to be powerful, and they're going to be something that we're going to have to learn to turn to our advantage."

Celebration of Resilience

Commemorating past achievements and future initiatives as a model for how to adapt.

Gathering nearly 300 people passionate about community change and resilience for an unforgettable night in the beautiful Desert Botanical Garden to celebrate Resilience Fellows and the City of Scottsdale, recipient of the inaugural Resilience Price.


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Dr. Judith Rodin

As author of The Resilience Dividend: Being Strong in a World Where Things Go Wrong, Dr. Rodin literally wrote the book on resilience dividends.

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Designing resilience dividends

A groundbreaking webinar that brought utility companies, homebuilders, financial institutions, and municipal government together to solve for rising heat, housing, and energy costs.

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