Resilience Hubs

What are Resilience Hubs?

A Resilience Hub is a trusted, community-serving facility that supports residents as a gathering space, and a place to find information to build community resilience and access a host of social service resources.

Benefits of a Resilience Hub

Foster greater community connections

Improve access to health improvement initiatives

Increase the effectiveness of community-centered institutions and programs

Reduce the burden on municipal emergency response teams


Resilience Hubs in action

In the case of heat-related hazards of the Sonoran Desert, a local Resilience Hub could be focused on providing information, mitigating heat impacts during normal times, and providing a cooling center during power outages or other disruptions.

Watch our webinar

2021 Resilience Fellows Lauren Withycombe Keeler and Tina Drews hosted this community conversation about resilient community infrastructure and how organizations can support communities in developing resilience hubs.