Tree Data Inventory Exploration Tool

About the Project

The Knowledge Exchange for Resilience and the Community Capital Lab at ASU has partnered with the City of Phoenix, leading to the development of this Tree Data Inventory Exploration Tool, a comprehensive first-of-its-kind publicly accessible green infrastructure enhancement platform in Arizona. The tool uses advanced analytics to extract and visualize critical tree attributes for individual plants, such as canopy size, desert native vs. invasive species, water usage, BVOC emission, powerline friendliness, and the allergenic nature of species.

This information has the potential to help communities and decision-makers to track the health of trees, identify neighborhoods that could benefit from increased investment in street trees, and build a strategy to increase native species, which offer longevity and greater protection against heat.

Meet the Team

Sarbeswar Praharaj, Associate Director (Data & Visualization), Knowledge Exchange for Resilience (KER), ASU
Mark Roseland, Professor, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, ASU
Jennifer Vanos, Associate Professor, School of Sustainability, College of Global Futures, ASU
Elizabeth Castillo, Assistant Professor, Leadership and Integrative Studies, ASU
David Kresta, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Urban Studies, Portland State University
Partners and Acknowledgements