Marta Berbes Blazquez

Academic Fellow 2020
ASU School for the Future of Innovation in Society

Tempe Campus


Marta Berbés is an assistant professor. Her research considers the human dimensions of social-ecological transformations in rural and urban ecosystems with an emphasis on vulnerable populations. Her work is informed by resilience thinking and political ecology at a conceptual level, and it’s practically oriented toward qualitative, participatory and anticipatory research methods. Her specific topics of interest include power and access dynamics in ecosystem services, scenario planning, resource extraction, ecohealth, climate change adaptation and transformation.


Ph.D. York University, Canada


Berbés-Blázquez, M., M. Schoon, K. Benessaiah, E. M. Bennett, G. D. Peterson and R. Ghimire. 2022. Resilience in the times of COVID: what the response to the COVID pandemic teaches us about resilience principles. Ecology and Society 27 (2):16. [online] URL: