Lori Holleran

Community Fellow 2022
Arizona Housing, Inc. (AHI)



Lori currently manages special programs for Arizona Housing Inc., where she is focused on addressing chronic health issues, behavioral health concerns, and social determinants of health among extremely low-income Arizonans. She recently concluded her two-year service as a VA Quality Scholars Fellow, focusing on national healthcare improvement efforts within the VA. Prior to her work with the VA, she was the recipient of a Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship within the Effective Altruism Center at Harvard College, where she served on a cross-disciplinary team advising large foundations on how to maximize the impact of their charitable giving. Her previous research and publications have broadly focused on policies and programs aimed at improving health care among structurally marginalized and high-risk groups in a culturally competent manner. 


PhD, Psychology, Palo Alto University
MPH, Health Policy, Harvard University
MA, Psychology, Pepperdine University
BIS, Psychology and Sociology, Arizona State University


Holleran, L., Baker, S., Cheng, C., Wilson, J., Mickelson, R., … Godwin, K. M. (2019). Using multisite process mapping to aid care improvement: An examination of inpatient suicide screening procedures. Journal of Healthcare Quality: Official Publication of The National Association for Healthcare Quality, 41(2), 110-117.

Holleran, L., and Poon, G. (2018). Dying in the shadows: Suicide amongst the homeless. Harvard Public Health Review, 20(8), 23-28.

Poon, G., Holleran, L., Chu, J., Goldblum, P., & Bongar, B. (2017). A qualitative analysis of suicide risk factors, preferred means, and means restriction feasibility within a homeless shelter environment. Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless, 26(2), 148-156.

Holleran, L., Harrison, M., & Bongar, B. (2017). Global mental health: Examining trends globally and among developing regions. In C. Stout (Ed.), Why Global Health Matters (22-49). CreateSpace. Retrievable at: http://www.whyglobalhealthmatters.org/

Holleran, L., Maslowski, K., McCleary, H., Hanson, G., Chaby, T., Friday, K., & Bongar, B. (2016). United States Special Operations Command: Reducing risk by fostering resiliency. Handbook of Resilience: A Psychosocial Perspective. London, UK: Routledge.

Expertise Areas

Mental Health

Social Determinants of Health