Brajesh Karna

Data Manager (Sr)
Knowledge Exchange for Resilience

Tempe Campus


Brajesh Karna is a data architect with a strong background in developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions. With expertise in the complete software development life cycle, from requirement analysis to implementation. He is adept at translating complex business needs into robust architectural designs. His dedication to delivering high-quality results, coupled with strong project management skills, ensures the successful execution of projects.

Brajesh's ability to understand the larger strategic vision, coupled with his attention to detail, enables him to create scalable and efficient solutions that drive growth. Known for his exceptional problem-solving abilities and collaborative approach, he is highly skilled in fostering cross-functional partnerships and aligning technology solutions with organizational goals.

As a published researcher, Brajesh brings valuable insights from his work in spatial analysis and data visualization. His passion for continuous learning and staying abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies allows him to bring innovative ideas and insights to his work. With a track record of delivering on time and within budget, Brajesh is a dynamic professional who thrives in challenging environments, consistently exceeds expectations by delivering innovative solutions, and drives positive outcomes.


Hu, S., Karna, B., & Hildebrandt, K. (2018). Web-based Multimedia Mapping for Spatial Analysis and Visualization in the Digital Humanities: a Case Study of Language Documentation in Nepal. Journal of Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis, 2, 1-14.

Wang, C., Li, Z., Clay Mathews, M., Praharaj, S., Karna, B., & SolĂ­s, P. (2022). The spatial association of social vulnerability with COVID-19 prevalence in the contiguous United States. International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 32(5), 1147-1154.

Drake, A. J., Phillips, L. A., Karna, B., Murugesan, S. B., Villa, L. K., & Smith, N. A. (2023). Food insecurity and disasters: predicting disparities in total and first-time food pantry visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Food Security, 15(2), 493-504. 

Karna, B. (2017). Neurophysiological Measure of Effort in Program Comprehension (Doctoral dissertation, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville).

Expertise Areas

Data Engineering

Database Design

Data Analysis

Database Management

Software Architect