Community Impact 

Tackling resilience challenges with data and partnerships

We are committed to sharing our data-driven research in strategic partnership with public, private, and nonprofit organizations to address our community's most pressing issues. Our close collaborations among ASU faulty, students, and key community networks also allow us to develop new insight that can lead to systems-level transformation. By bringing data and people teogether, we exchange knowledge, spark discovery, and implement solutions for building community resilience.

Data alone cannot solve problems. It must catalyze action. We will always strive to bring entites together with information to relieve suffering, and work together to build a dynamic, diverse, and resilient community.


Identified resilience connections in KER's social analysis


Community organizations engaged from public, private, and nonprofit entities


ASU department and unit partnerships


Data sharing partnerships

Resilience Dividends

 Resilience dividends 

When addressing major challenges, we seek to reap additional benefits-what we call resilience dividends-in social cohesion, economic prosperity, and environmental security.

Case studies in resilience

The Knowledge Exchange for Resilience is committed to solving our most perplexing problems in four distinct, yet interrelated FUSE areas, diagrammed at right.  Read our growing catalog of case studies highlighting use-inspired research that builds community resilience.

Food, water, and energy
Urban heat and healthy communities
Economy and workforce
Resilience Hubs

 Resilience Hubs

These proposed resource centers will serve the community as gathering spaces and trusted resources of information for building community resilience and accessing a host of social services.

Join with us to build

community resilience

We convene signature events that inspire designing for resilience dividends, generate curiosity for solutions, navigate data exchanges, and celebrate resilience in our community

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