Meet our Council of Resilience Leaders 

Amplifying our ability to build resilience in Maricopa County and beyond

In ordinary times, we need resilient leaders if we are to thrive and grow. But these are no ordinary times. Now, more than ever, we need the expertise and influence of local leaders to mobilize the change we need to meet the challenges we face.

The Council of Resilience Leaders, made up of influential individuals from across the county representing private, nonprofit and public sectors, supports KER in building Maricopa County's capacity to adapt to shocks and stresses in ways that provide added benefits for its residents.

By becoming knowledgeable ambassadors for resilience work, raising the profile of our mutual interests in community resilience, and providing recommendations on future opportunities, resources and potential partners, the council is helping us strategically broaden and deepen our impact — locally, nationally and internationally.

Council of Resilience Leaders

David Adame

President and CEO

Teniqua Broughton

Executive Director

Greg Burton

Executive Editor

Maria Dadgar

Executive Director

Kate Gallego


Neil Giuliano

President and CEO

Dana Kennedy

State Director

David Lujan

President and CEO

Amy St. Peter

Deputy Executive Director

Robin Reed

President and CEO

David Rousseau


Monica Villalobos

President and CEO

Cynthia Zwick

Executive Director

Michael M. Crow


Elizabeth Wentz

Director and Principal Investigator